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Help the Marlene yu museum climb up the stairs and grow!

In our first year, Marlene Yu Museum and Rainforest Art Foundation have created nature art exhibitions, partner events, kids’ programs, a fashion line, and Shreveport's first contemporary art museum. It's been hugely successful because so many people have come together and put in so much LOVE--love of nature and each other.  We are so grateful for your help in getting us off the ground, but we're not done yet!  We're now ready to take it to the next level, and we need your support to '1UP' our efforts.  

Our 1UP goals

1. LEVEL UP our Museum's second floor

Let's grow our donor tree to reach the second floor of the Museum and open a permanent exhibition hall for Marlene Yu’s popular Dream Series.  We're knocking down walls and increasing ceiling heights for a beautiful community space.  You saw what we did with the 1st floor and Main Exhibition Hall to present the Grand Opening of the Marlene Yu Museum, Marlene Yu's "Forces of Nature", her signature "Water - Element of Life" exhibit, Green Arts Party, and RAF's Earth Day Celebration--wait 'til you see what's next!  

2. LEVEL UP our Foundation's reach

We're putting Shreveport "on the map" by partnering with regional and international institutions, and having MYmuseum incorporate social media so that each visitor's experience near and far can be individualized as desired.  Her dream is make it a global movement--RAF started in New York City, headquarters in Louisiana, USA, expanded to Zurich, Switzerland, and soon Frankfurt, Germany.  We featured local and international nature arts: Beauty & Spirit of Nature, Disappearing Nature, Walk on the Wild Side with Don Edwards, Wild Mushroom Photography, Nature Through the Lens, Recycled Sculptured by John Norwood, Sculptures by Dennis Cady, Shreveport artists at RAF in NYC, and local partnerships at Lucky Sevens institutions, Bayou to Bay's Better Beach Bash, ClimBossier, and other locations soon to include local schools and assisted living facilities.  Let's grow seeds Marlene Yu has planted with the Rainforest Art Foundation’s environmental green movement in art to be accessible to more people on local, regional, and international levels.  


The Museum has truly become a special place for many people. There are so many people who believe in this project and want to see it come to its full vision: 

1. Humans of Marlene Yu

Inspired by Humans of New York, we're releasing several short testimonials featuring people who want to share their stories about the Marlene Yu Museum on Facebook as HOMY - Humans of Marlene Yu, through June 3, 2016. 

2.  Super Mario

Super Mario will leap to the next step as we reach our funding goal.  

We hope you will help us make these dreams come true. 

Please help us raise $60,000.  Thank you for helping us LEVEL UP. 



Leave a permanent marK - 8 GOLD STEPS left: 

The 12 steps leading to this floor are your opportunity to leave a permanent mark on this phase of the Museum’s growth.  Each step is $5,000, which includes your name branded on a golden plaque, so that every visitor who ascends may appreciate your impact. Other donation levels may include recognition in the form of painted leaves on the stairwell wall. All donations made at these "step" and "leaf" levels are 100% tax-deductible. 

$5,000 - Gold Step

$2,500 - Silver Leaf

$1,000 - Green Leaf

GIVE AND GEt REWARDS - Extended through June 3, 2016: 

Take home some Marlene Yu rewards when you donate at these levels. You can check out the prizes mentioned below in our online store. These rewards are available only to those who can come to the Museum to pick them up through June 3, 2016 (and not available through the Give for Good fundraiser on May 3). 

$500 - Marlene Yu Print and her Nature & Cosmos collectible book ($370 tax deductible)

$250 - Marlene Yu Poster ($190 tax deductible)

$100 - Small Dream Series Poster ($80 tax deductible)

$50 - Choice of a set of note cards or postcards ($30 or $40 tax deductible)

All donations of any size are welcome and appreciated! Thank you for your support. To make your donation now please click the tab below.

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Special Thanks to Step & Leaf Donors

as of May 31, 2016

Gold Step

Katy Miller Merriman in memory of my mom, Jean

In memory of Mollie and Lonnie G. Hardy, Sr.

Dr. & Mrs. Bryan Lusk of Lusk Eye Specialists

Silver Leaf

We're waiting for you...


Dr. Willard & Frances Washburne

Robert B. Dunlap

Thank you to ALL 1UP & Give for Good donors

All proceeds benefit 1UP.  How to 1UPgrade to a Step or Leaf?  Call us at (318) 717-9111.

JIm & Catherine Lusk

Dr. William Luster

Sabra Scoggin
Cherish Posey
Kathryn Smith
Katy Merriman
Martha Fitzgerald
Sanders Hearne
Marilyn & Vernon Varnell
Katy Mayeaux
Karolyn Hardaway
Scott Maddox
Alston Walker
Kelly Rich
Leigh Chambers
Megan Davenport