The Marlene Yu Museum throws exciting STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Math) themed parties designed for children three through ten! Borrowing from the Rainforest Art Foundation’s Biology and Art Exploration Program, Marlene Yu Museum aims to help kids better understand concepts of art and biology by combining them in an interactive project that shows learning can be fun. Party guests make connections between the creative and analytical sides of their brains by exploring both concepts at the same time. At the end of each party, every child will take home their own handmade projects and the concepts they learned. Our approach fosters curiosity and helps children develop an appreciation for the natural world at an early age.

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Parties are offered October through May, Saturdays and Sundays only. Parties are two hours in length. One and a half hours are designated for fun, hands on activities and the remaining half an hour is for refreshments and presents.

Birthday Party Options

Select the program that will appeal most to your child:

Butterflies and Blending

This session will cover the life and behaviors of butterflies while exploring the art of blending and mixing colors.

Animals & Abstract Art

Kids will learn about different animals' roles in the ecosystem paired with studies in abstract art.

Camouflage and Composition

Kids will learn what camouflage is and why animals use it while learning about techniques in composition.

Plants and Perspectives

Kids will learn about plant structure and environments while also learning how to express the different ways you can look at the world.