Looking for event space?

Note: We ask that you send the form below at least two months prior to the date of event to allow time for correspondence and planning. The Group or Club Meeting option requires less planning, so for this option we ask that you give us a two week advance notice.

Weddings, corporate events, PRIVATE party RENTAL

Are you looking for an awe-inspiring venue for your wedding, corporate event, party, etc.? Marlene's large-scale masterpieces are the ideal backdrop for any event. We can provide you with recommended catering options, event planners, and staffing. 

Available spaces:

  • Main Exhibition Hall (~76'x44', ~3,350 sqft, 20ft ceiling height) 
  • MYM Wing, limited seated capacity (~43'x38', ~1.250 sqft, 12' ceiling height)
  • Emerald Center (~63'x30', ~1900sqft, 12' ceiling height)

Fill out the form below with your specifications and we will contact you with detailed pricing and information (inquire about additional accessories and services ).  


Looking to dine with your group surrounded by art? MYM is the place to go. We work together with local caterers to provide your group with a unique dining experience. Fill out the form below and we will contact you with pricing and information.

Group or Club meeting

Do you have a club that meets on a regular basis at various local spots? MYM is a great place for club meetings. We invite local groups to utilize our public space for open group meetings of 15 or more people if they are interested in seeing the galleries with options of a guided tour and seating accommodations. The cost of Museum admission for groups of 15+ is $3 per person. This is applicable only during our office hours, currently Monday-Friday 10:00 am - 3:00 pm. To schedule your group visit please fill out the form below and we will contact you. (This is not applicable for school groups. School groups interested in visiting the Museum please contact us at (318) 717-9111.)

Non-Profit joint fundraiser

Is your organization a 501 (c) 3 non-profit looking to hold a joint fundraiser with MYM or the Rainforest Art Foundation to be held at our venue? We love working with other organizations and would be happy to work with you to host a joint fundraising event. Please fill out the form below with the details of the event you're thinking of and we will contact you with pricing and information.

program partnership

Do you have a program or exhibition you'd like to partner with MYM or Rainforest Art Foundation for? Fill out the form below with your idea and we will contact you with more information.


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