anonymous donor has graciously EXTENDED Offer to match ALL donations to MYM AND RAF received through Earth Day Party 4/22/15, up to a grand total of $25,000!  

All funds raised for Marlene Yu Museum AND Rainforest Art Foundation now through Earth Day April 22 up to a total of $25,000 will be leveraged by a 100% dollar for dollar match and go directly towards much needed bricks and mortar construction building expenses at our new Marlene Yu Museum, a 501c3 nonprofit institution to preserve, present, document and interpret the life and art works of Marlene Tseng Yu.  

To maximize our total impact of giving, no money will be spent on any donor gifts, fee-based donation sites, nor paid advertisements.  Your donation is 100% tax-deductible and automatically doubled!  Don't miss this opportunity to make $=$$!  

It would take only 25 gifts of $1,000 each to reach our goal. We know that many of you cannot afford that amount – so we ask that you donate whatever you can. We also know that some can afford more – we ask you all to be as generous as possible.  

Join me to give and give generously, and also spread the word--let's show this donor our love for Marlene and her courageous work with Rainforest Art--let's challenge ourselves to make the full amount in time well BEFORE the deadline of 11:59PM CST of Earth Day, Wednesday, April 22!  

I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.
— -Maya Angelou


*Donors as of 4/21/15.  More names will be added soon!  Please call for acknowledgment/receipt of cash in the fish bowl or for corrections: 318-717-9111.  





936 LLC

Richard and Mary Ament
Jenny and Bob Barish
Linda and Richard Biernacki
Dr. Charles and Karen Black
Charlie Bradford
Michelle Burgoyne and Craig MacLean
Janelle Burgoyne
Ashley Byrd
Cassidy Campbell
Evelyn and Donny Chen
Emily Chen Carrera and The Chen Family
Glen B. Davis
Charles Defanti and Leni Fuhrman in honor of Steph's birthday
Robert B. Dunlap
Lampton & Elizabeth
Martha H. Fitzgerald
Jasmine Flores and Christina Francis

Elizabeth Glassell
Minor Vinck & Donna Hands
Diana Hock
Judy and Bob Horne
Adam and Katie Johnston
Linda Killen
Lynn Laird

Maurice H. Lamothe
Kathleen Lee
Jeanne and Richard Liles

Sharon Loper
Drs. Jeffrey and Lauren Lusk
Stephanie and Dr. Bryan Lusk of Lusk Eye Specialists
Dr. & Mrs. James Lusk
Stephanie Frances Lusk
William Luster, MD
Laurie Lyons and Henry Walker
Havard and Nellie Lyons
Iris MacLean
Garvey and Nancy MacLean
Maggie Malone
Nancy Leidenheimer
Jim Malsch
Andy and Dianne Mapp
Tanner Mays
Dr. George & Katy Merriman
Brian Michael
Allison & Jerry Montgomery
Karin Morrow
Derek Noble
O'Brien Energy Company

Drs. Gregory and Amy Patek
Vicki Peaslee
Lillian and Kermit Poling
Susan Duke and Patrick Posey
Ashley Purland
In memory of Harold “Tooth” Procell
Anne & Tim Rogers
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Rokaw
Phillip and Alma Rozeman
Navdeep Samra
Annette Segura
Dr. Donald & Kathryn Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Dawnta Smith
L. Snyder
Soffer and Organick
William P. Spillers
Dr. Lee and Mrs. June Stevens
Gloria Taylor
The Tiemann Family
Jim and Marimel Tilley
Talbot Hopkins Trudeau and Robert E Trudeau
Ian Turner
Mr. Jason and Dr. Kerry Tynes
Lauren Vizza
The Wall Center for Plastic Surgery
Dr. & Mrs. Willard Washburne

Rebekah White
Sarah Kaye Wilkes
Amy and Allen Williams
Claire Williams

Charmaine, Michael, and Natalie Woods

... and many donors who gave cash in the fish bowl