Panda Challenge

    Ashley Purland, Iris MacLean, Stephanie Lusk, and RAF artist Rachel Sayad-Sangsura invite you to donate now!

Rainforest Art Foundation was selected by PandaBit to be the first in BETA phase of the newest evolution of crowd-funding (following the likes of Kickstarter, Indiegogo, GoFundMe) for the Panda Challenge: up-cycling electronic waste. Pandabit up-cycles old mobile phones, iPods, tablets, and handheld game consoles in any condition. In return Pandabit makes a contribution to good causes like Rainforest Art Foundation. Find that old broken or working device and send it today. The process is just 4 simple steps, devices are securely erased, and Pandabit will send you a pre-paid shipping kit at no cost to you! Help us, save landfills, share and educate: E-waste represents 2% of landfill, and 70% of toxic waste! 

The Rainforest Art Foundation was founded by Marlene Tseng Yu of the Marlene Yu Museum and the mission of the Foundation is to increase appreciation of nature through art. Through this mission, the Foundation hopes to raise environmental awareness. Mankind is destroying the Earth with endless amounts of waste, and through this challenge RAF works with PandaBit to educate our community about the many harmful effects of electronic waste on our environment.

We paired the Panda Challenge with the Disappearing Nature exhibition in the RAF Gallery to heighten the reach of this message to save the Earth and by doing our part in up-cycling.  International and local artists explore humankind’s relationship with nature. The works displayed depict our influence on nature and the influence nature has on us.  Celebrate Earth Day every day!