Marlene Tseng Yu was born in Taiwan in 1937 and came to the U.S. in 1963.  From 1969 to 2007, she lived and worked in SoHo, New York City for 38 years, and in 2008, opened a studio in Long Island City.  She received her Bachelor in Fine Arts degree from the National Taiwan Normal University in Taipei in 1960, and her Master in Fine Arts degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 1967.  She taught art at Denver University in Colorado in 1967 to 1968.  Since 1994, she has been on the Advisory Committee of the Fine Arts Department of the University of Colorado at Boulder.  Since 1995, she has curated exhibitions for the new art movement, “Forces of Nature."  Marlene is Founder and Curator of the Rain Forest Art Foundation from 2001 to present.  In 2014, Marlene established her own museum in Shreveport, Louisiana, the Marlene Yu Museum.  


  • As of April 30, 2016, Marlene Tseng Yu has had 80 solo exhibitions in the United States, Europe, and the Far East. 
  • Marlene’s art has been reviewed in 9 languages in more than 200 publications, by numerous art magazines, newspapers, TV, and radio shows, such as ARTFORUM, Art in America, Art News, World Journal, and Barbara Walters’ Today Show. 
  • Marlene’s has received several awards for achievement in the arts.  In 2005, she received the first “Muse” Fine Arts Award in the Muralist Paintings category at the inaugural ARTV Awards in Las Vegas. 
  • Marlene’s paintings are included in over 1000 public and private collections.  Marlene is able to do commission work according to requirements of large-scale architectural projects.

Her Goals

  1. Contribution to the Environmental Green Movement – As the world population grows larger, more rainforests are chopped down, causing a global warming disaster.  There is great concern to protect our nature and our earth.  Marlene Tseng Yu’s paintings give honor to the beauty of nature, and call for heightened appreciation and awareness to preserve our environment.
  2. Multiple Dualities as a Revolutionary Style of Art – Like patterns in nature that remain the same, yet are also constantly changing, Marlene stays true to her remarkable style.  Each of her paintings is at the same time as fresh and original as it is recognizably a “Marlene Yu Painting”, purposefully synthesizing themes in Chinese landscape painting and American expressionism, integrating ancient Chinese philosophy of art with modern application, and establishing a dreamy borderline between realism and abstraction.


Artist’s Statement

The beauty of the universe changes with time. As the days pass and the seasons change, the sky, earth, mountains and rivers repeat in patterns that are never really quite the same. In my search for the variations of the many faces in nature, I have found that nature provides an infinite source of inspiration for artistic expression. I love the many elements in our environment, be they as broad as the horizon beyond or small as cells under the microscope. In this vast setting, I hope to capture the spirit of the universe, its rhythm and movements, its quiet and angry moods, its colors and forms...

With the traditional Chinese and Western art training, together with my own experiments, I have sought to create techniques that can fully express my ideas and feelings. The techniques may vary greatly from painting to painting, as to embody the scope of my expression. The reference to nature is the focus of all my paintings. I have found that painting in water media - acrylic demands an absolute control of the medium to achieve the various effects, textures, and transparencies. The scale of the painting is a challenge, but not a limitation for me. To produce on canvas or paper what I have in my mind, my ideas and feelings on the universe, is a great challenge. 

--Marlene Tseng Yu, September 16, 1968


Even after thirty years of work on the Abstraction in Nature Series, my art continues to focus on the beauty of nature, calling for appreciation and awareness of what needs to be done to preserve our environment. I hope my efforts in the Environmental Green Movement in art prove to be substantial and that my art is both timely and timeless.  

--Marlene Tseng Yu, January 16, 1998


The Glacier Melting Series started in 1965.  It has continued through 2008, for it is my favorite subject.  Without my realizing it, the series reflects what has become one of the most important issues today, as human lifestyles and habits increase global warming and cause glaciers to melt rapidly.  I hope through my art to convey the urgent message--earth is in danger, please let us protect it together. 

--Marlene Tseng Yu, April 22, 2008

Painting Series

I. Forces of Nature:    


Major series – abstraction in nature – combines abstractive and natural phenomena

A.  Forces in Nature Series:     

Amber Glow (1984-2010)

Aspen Leaves & Wind (1963-1998)

Avalanche (1968-2009)

Black & White (1965-2015)

Blue Lagoon (1964-2012)

Canyon & Red Rock (2001-2016)

Concave Veil (1984-1992)

Crystal Reef (1988-2007)

Geyser & Spring (1968-1992)

Glacier Garden (1965-2015)

Glacier Melting (1965-2015)

Melting (1965-2007)

Molten Lava (1968-2015)

Purple Swamp (2011-2014)

Reflection (1968-2007)

Silver Lining (2012-2013)

Slow Motion & Floating (1970-1972)

Sweep & Splash (1973-2005)

Turquoise Floating (1970-2010)

Wave & Fall (1965-2007)

White Crest (2005-2007)

B.  Rain Forest Series:

Emerald Forest (1998-2004)

Forest Moss (1998-2016)

Forest Fire (1998-2004)

Forest Cloud, Rain, Snow, & Wind (1998-2004)

C.  Space & Universe Series:     

Black Hole (1987-1996)

Cloud as Dog (1968-1996)

Galaxy & Milky Way (1987-2015)

Mushroom Cloud (1987-1997)

Planets of the Universe (1987-1998)

D.  Underwater Series:

Dancing Coral (1968-1996)

Deep Sea Garden (1968-2015)

Sunken Treasure (1988-2016)

E.  Underground Series:

Cave Garden (1968-2011)

Cave Treasure (1983-2003)


II. Dream Series:   


 Minor series – depiction of a love story – consists of figurative female body with various animals symbolizing the male

One Person Shows (from 1964 to 2016 – total of 80 solo exhibitions)

2016    Marlene Yu Museum, “Water – Element of Life, 1971-2015,” Louisiana, USA

2015    Bossier Arts Council, “Crystal Reef Series, 1998-2014,” Louisiana, USA

2015    Art Gallery at Kaohsiung Medical College, “Glacier Melting, 2006-2013,” Kaohsiung, Taiwan

2015     Sci-Port: Louisiana’s Science Center, “Glacier Melting, 2003-2013”, Louisiana, USA

2015    Meadows Museum of Art at Centenary College, “Dream Series”, Louisiana, USA

2015    Meinung Cultural Center, “Glacier Melting, 1971-2013,” Kaohsiung, Taiwan

2014     Marlene Yu Museum, “Forces of Nature, 1988-2013”, Louisiana, USA

2014    Artspace, “Fire-Element of Life, 1999-2003”, Louisiana, USA

2014    Galerie Wild, “Forces of Nature: Glacier Melting, 1992-2013”, Zürich, Switzerland

2014    Robinson Film Center, “Emerald Forest”, 1998-2004, Louisiana, USA

2014    Louisiana State Exhibit Museum, “Purple Swamp and Nature Abstraction”, Louisiana, USA

2013    Kaohsiung Museum of Art, “Forces of Nature & Dream Series: 50 Years of Creation”, 1963-2013, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

2012    Fort Collins Museum of Art, “ICE: Melting Glaciers and Avalanche Paintings,” 1965-2012, Colorado, USA

2012    ACA Galleries, “Forces of Nature – A Survey, 1970-2012”, New York, USA

2011    Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art, “Forms Environmental, 1993-2007”, Nevada, USA

2010    Magma Arte & Congresos, “Forces of Nature, 1971-2007”, Costa Adeje de Tenerife, Spain

2010    Godwin Ternbach Museum, “Nature & Cosmos, 1966-2010”, New York, USA

2010    Centro de Arte La Recova, “Forces of Nature, 1971-2007”, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

2010    Shanghai Art Museum, “Forces of Nature – 40 years, 1970-2010”, Shanghai, China

2009    Today Art Museum, “Forces of Nature – Green Movement in Art, 1971-2009”, Beijing, China

2009    Chelsea Art Museum, “Forces of Nature – Green Movement in Art, 1971-2009”, New York, USA

2008    National Art Museum of China, “Forces of Nature - Mural-Sized Paintings”, Beijing, China

2008    Queens Crossing Art, “Forces of Nature, 1986-2007”, New York, USA

2008    National Gallery in Prague, “Forces of Nature – 40 years”, Prague, Czech Republic

2007    "Melina" Municipal Cultural Centre of Athens, "Glacier Melting - 40 years”, Athens, Greece

2006    Towson University, Center for Arts, “Forces of Nature, 1966-2005”, Maryland, USA

2006     Burgenländische Landesgalerie, “Forces of Nature – Mural-sized Paintings, 1971-2003”, Eisenstadt, Austria

2006     Orangerie Schloss Esterházy, “Forces of Nature – Mural-sized Paintings, 2003”, Eisenstadt, Austria

2005    QCC Art Gallery, Queensborough Community College, “Forces of Nature – 40 years of Art, 1965-2005”, New York, USA

2005      CU Art Museum, University of Colorado at Boulder, “Forces of Nature – Oversize Paintings, 1998-2005”, Colorado, USA

2004     Technopolis-Gazi, Municipal Cultural Center, “Forces of Nature III – Oversize Paintings, 1971-2004”, Athens, Greece

2004     Queensborough College Art Museum, “Elements of Life – Water, Air, Earth, Fire 2004”, New York, USA

2003     Las Vegas Art Museum, “Forces of Nature III – Oversize Paintings, 1971-2003”, Nevada, USA

2003    Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art, “Forces of Nature – Works on Paper, 1993-2003”, Nevada, USA

2002    Berliner Kunstprojekt, “Rain Forest, 1998-2002”, Berlin, Germany

2001    G. Zen 50 ART, “Crystal Reef, 1998-2000”, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

2001    Le Toit de la Grande Arche de la Défense, “Rain Forest, 1998-2000”, Paris, France

2000    EUROPE ART 2000, “Rain Forest, 1998-2000”, Genève, Switzerland

2000    Kunsthaus Richterswil, “Forces of Nature, 1994-1999”, Richterswil, Switzerland

1999    Kunst 99 Zürich, “Forces of Nature, 1994-1998”, Zürich, Switzerland

1999    Las Vegas Art Museum, “Forces of Nature, 1994-1998”, Nevada, USA

1998    Space Untitled Gallery, “Molten Lava, 1984-1998”, New York, USA

1998    Elysium Arts, “Space & Universe, 1987-1997”, New York, USA

1997    G. Zen 50 ART, “Space & Universe and Molten Lava, 1994-1997”, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

1997     Fondation Le Grand-Cachot-de-Vent,  “Molten Lava & Underwater, 1994-1997”, Neuchâtel, Switzerland

1997    Galerie Wild Space at BMW Company, “Space & Universe, 1987-1996”, Frankfurt, Germany

1996    Capital Art Center, “Molten Lava and Underwater, 1992-1996”, Taichung, Taiwan

1996    National Taiwan Museum of Art, “Forces of Nature - 30 Years Creation, 1966-1996”, Taichung, Taiwan

1996    Space Untitled Gallery, “Glacier Garden and Underwater, 1988-1996”, New York, USA

1996     Galerie Wild, “Space and Universe, 1987-1996”, Frankfurt, Germany

1996    CU Art Museum, University of Colorado at Boulder, “Forces of Nature - Amber Glow, Glacier Garden, and Sunken Treasure, 1989-1995”, Colorado, USA

1995    Elysium Arts, “Forces of Nature - Amber Glow, 1994-1995”, New York, USA

1995     G. Zen 50 ART, “Amber Glow & Cave Garden, 1994-1995”, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

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1994    Monmouth County Library, “Forces of Nature - Concave Veil, 1990-1993”, New Jersey, USA

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1992    Lung Men Gallery, “Deep Sea Garden & Sunken Treasure, 1990-1992”, Taipei, Taiwan

1992     Gallery 456, “Deep Sea Garden, 1990-1992”, New York, USA

1991     Musée Pierre von Allmen, “Abstraction in Nature, 1983-1989”, Thielle-Wavre, Switzerland

1991     Yoshii Gallery, “Concave Veils Series and Deep Sea Garden Series, 1988-1991”, New York, USA

1989    Fondation Le Grand-Cachot-de-Vent, “Abstraction in Nature, 1983-1989”, Neuchâtel, Switzerland

1989    Lung Men Gallery, “Aspen Leaves and Concave & Convex, 1984-1989”, Taipei, Taiwan

1989     Taipei Fine Arts Museum, “Concave & Convex and Dream Series, 1984-1989”, Taipei, Taiwan

1989    National Taiwan Museum of Art, “Dream Series and Concave & Convex, 1984-1989”, Taichung, Taiwan

1988    Galerie Suisse de Paris, “Abstraction in Nature, 1984-1988”, Paris, France

1987    Fondation Le Grand-Cachot-de-Vent, “Dream Series & Forces of Nature, 1983-1989”, Neuchâtel, Switzerland

1987     Armstrong Gallery, “Forces of Nature - Glacier Garden and Avalanche, 1984-1987”, New York, USA

1987    Gallerie Orangerie Brogle, “Dream Series, 1984-1986”, Mauer, Switzerland

1987    N.Y. Chinese Cultural Center, “Concave & Convex and Dream Series, 1984-1987”, New York, USA

1987    Musée d’Art et d’Histoire, “Concave & Convex Series and Dream Series, 1983-1987”, Neuchâtel, Switzerland

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1969     Cerberus Gallery, “Forces in Nature Series, 1967-1969”, New York, USA

1965     Armory Gallery, University of Colorado at Boulder, “Abstraction in Nature, 1963-1965”, Colorado, USA

1964      University Memorial Center, University of Colorado at Boulder, “Abstract Landscape, 1963-1964”, Colorado, USA

Group Shows

2016    “Emergent Ecologies: N.Y.C. Emergence,” New York, USA

2015    Rainforest Art Foundation, “Nature in Art—Painting I,” New York, USA

2014    Rainforest Art Foundation, “Raising the Temperature II,” New York, USA

2014    Queens Museum, “Raising the Temperature I,” New York, USA

2012    ICI Kulturlabor Institute of Cultural Inquiry, “Co-Evolution & Complementarity,” Berlin, Germany

2012    Art Hamptons, “Forces of Nature”, New York, USA

2012    Rainforest Art Foundation, “Nature through the Lens”, New York, USA

2010    New Jersey State Museum, “I am the Cosmos”, New Jersey, USA

2010    Rainforest Art Foundation, “6th Rainforest Art Show”, New York, USA

2008    Godwin-Ternbach Museum at Queens College, “Meditation in Contemporary Chinese Landscape”, New York, USA

2008    Miami Art Fair, “International Art”, Florida, USA

2006     Lincoln Center Cork Gallery, “Female Language”, New York, USA

2006    Southwest Minnesota State University, Art Museum at Marshall, “People of the Mind”, Minnesota, USA

2006     The Museum of Kyoto, “Ecology Earth Art Show 21”, Kyoto, Japan

2006     Asian Fusion Gallery, “Body – Fact of Human Body”, New York, USA

2005     Asian Fusion Gallery, “Revelation”, New York, USA

2005    Asian Cultural Center, “Rainforest Art Show”, New York, USA

2005    Museum of Modern Art, “5th Ecology Earth Art Show 21”, Saitama-Ken, Japan

2005     Leeuwenberch, “Reasons to Love the Earth Show”, Utrecht, Netherlands

2005      Chung-Cheng Art Gallery, St. John’s University, “Metropolitan Chinese American Women Show”, New York, USA

2005    Asian Cultural Center, “Grand Opening – Asian Fusion”, New York, USA

2004     San Jose Museum of Art, “35th Anniversary Acquisition Show”, California, USA

2004     ARTIADE 2004, “Olympics of the Visual Arts”, Athens, Greece

2004     Queens Museum, “NEXUS: Taiwan in Queens”, New York, USA

2004    Chelsea Art Museum, “Presence”, New York, USA

2003    Southwest Minnesota State University, Art Museum at Marshall, “International Works on Paper”, Minnesota, USA

2003    Lincoln Center Cork Gallery, “Inner Vision Revised”, New York, USA

2003     Gallery 456, “Inner Vision”, New York, USA

2002     TAF 2002, “International Art Fair”, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

2002    Las Vegas Art Museum, “Rain Forest Art Exhibition”, Nevada, USA

2002    Towson University, Center for the Arts, “Rain Forest Art Exhibition”, Maryland, USA

2001    N.Y. Taipei Gallery, CICC, “Rain Forest Art Exhibition”, New York, USA

2001    Kaohsiung Musuem of Fine Arts, “Rain Forest Art Exhibition”, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

1998    Kuo Mu-Sheng Art Center, “Group of 9 Artists”, Taipei, Taiwan

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1996    TAF ‘96, “International Art Fair”, Taipei, Taiwan

1996    New World Art Center, “Pacific Artists,” New York, USA

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1996     ARTIADE ’96, Olympics, Colony Square, “International Ambassadors of the Arts”, Georgia, USA

1996     N.Y. Space Expo, Grand Hyatt, “Space & Universe Exhibition”, New York, USA

1996    Art Miami, “International Art Show”, Florida, USA

1995     N.Y. Film Academy, “Mixed Media Show”, New York, USA

1994    N.Y. Public Theater, “Elder Share Arts”, New York, USA

1993    Puck Building Gallery, “N.Y. Artists’ Mixed Media Show”, New York, USA

1993    Arsenal Gallery, “Life Review”, New York, USA

1993    Triplex Gallery, “50+ Discoveries”, New York, USA

1993    G. Zen 50 ART, “Southern Taiwanese Artists”, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

1993     Chung-Tsen Cultural Center, “12th International Art Show”, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

1992    Musée Pierre von Allmen, “International Art Show”, Thielle-Wavre, Switzerland

1992    Puck Building Gallery, “Contemporary N.Y. Artists”, New York, USA

1991    Golden Key Gallery in Detroit, “Mixed Media Show”, Michigan, USA

1991    New York Academy of Art, “Works on Paper”, New York, USA

1991      Bristol Myers Squibb Gallery, “Watercolor Across the Ages with 20th Century American Artists”, New Jersey, USA

1990    Midtown Payson Gallery, “Holiday Image by Artist”, New York, USA

1990    SOHO 20 Gallery, “New York Artists - Mixed Media”, New York, USA

1989    Allentown Museum, “New Museum Acquisition Show”, Pennsylvania, USA

1988    N.Y. Chinese Cultural Center, “Overseas Chinese Artists”, New York, USA

1987    Taiwan Normal University, “Traveling Show”, Taipei, Taiwan

1984    Foxworth Gallery, “Contemporary New York Artists”, New York, USA

1978    Alternative Museum for the International Arts, “Ancient Heritage - New Directions”, New York, USA

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1965    Henderson Museum, University of Colorado at Boulder, “Annual Show”, Colorado, USA

1960    Fine Arts Gallery, Taiwan Normal University, “Annual Show”, Taipei, Taiwan

Curated Exhibitions

2016    Rainforest Art Foundation, New York, USA, “2nd Annual Nature in Art Painting by 12 International Artists”

2016    Rainforest Art Foundation, Louisiana, USA, “Sculptures by Dennis Cady”

2015    Rainforest Art Foundation, Louisiana, USA, “Recycled Sculptures by John Norwood of Norwood Museum”

2015    Rainforest Art Foundation, Louisiana, USA, “Walk on the Wild Side with Don Edwards”

2015    Rainforest Art Foundation, Louisiana, USA, “Disappearing Nature by International Photographers”

2015     Rainforest Art Foundation, New York, USA, “4th Nature Through the Lens Photo Show by International Photographers”

2014    Rainforest Art Foundation, Louisiana, USA, “Beauty & Spirit of Nature by 100 Local, International, Professional, Emerging, Visual, Culinary, Literary, and Performance Artists”

2014     Rainforest Art Foundation, New York, USA, “3rd Nature Through the Lens Photo Show by 19 International Photographers”

2013    Rainforest Art Foundation, New York, USA, “2nd Nature Through the Lens Photo Show by 16 International Photographers

2012    Rainforest Art Foundation, New York, USA, “Eskimo Sculptures with Natural Stone by Alaskan Artists”

2012    Rainforest Art Foundation, New York, USA, “Shrinking Habitat of Rainforest Animals by 6 International Artists”

2012    Rainforest Art Foundation, New York, USA, “1st Nature through the Lens Photo Show by12 International Photographers”

2012    Rainforest Art Foundation, “New York, USA, “Sculpture using Natural and Recycled Material by 4 International Artists”

2011    Rainforest Art Foundation, New York, USA, “Earth Day Celebration,” featuring

“Poetry Reading in Praise of the Rainforest by 7 Poets”

“Green Movement in Building Design by 2 Architects”

“Rainforest Dance Performances by 3 Dance Groups and 2 Soloists”

“Rainforest Painting Exhibition by 14 International Artists”

2010    Rainforest Art Foundation, New York, USA, “6th Rainforest Art Exhibition by 12 International Artists”

2005    Asian Cultural Center, New York, USA, “5th Rainforest Art Exhibition by 13 International Artists”

2002    Towson University, Center for the Arts, Maryland, USA, “4th Rainforest Art Exhibition by 11 International Artists”

2002    Las Vegas Art Museum, Las Vegas, USA, “3rd Rain Forest Art Exhibition by 36 International Artists”

2001    N.Y. Taipei Gallery, CICC, New York, USA, “2nd Rain Forest Art Exhibition by 18 International Artists”

2001    Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, “1st Rain Forest Art Exhibition by 26 International Artists”

1997    N.Y. Taipei Gallery, CICC, New York, USA, “Artists: 80 Plus and Going Strong” by 9 New York artists of Chinese origin

1997    N.Y. Taipei Gallery, CICC, New York, USA, “Forces of Nature”, paintings by 10 international artists

1996    The World Hakka Federation, New York, USA, “Paintings and Calligraphy” by 11 Hakka artists


2013    Meinung Lung Du School, “Outstanding Alumni Award in Art,” Meinung, Taiwan, 5-15-2013.

2006    National Taiwan Normal University, “Outstanding Alumni Award in Art”, Taipei, Taiwan, 6-3-2006.

2005    The ARTV “MUSE” Fine Arts Award in Category “Muralist”, MGM Las Vegas, NV, 10-29-2005.

1999    American Biographical Institute’s “2000 Notable American Women” Award in recognition of achievement in art, North Carolina, USA, 12-1999.

1995    University of Colorado Heritage Center Award, in recognition of “Outstanding Achievement in the Arts”, Boulder, CO, USA, 9-22-1995.

1993    The World Hakka Federation President Yuo Asia Award, in recognition of “Outstanding Woman Artist”, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, 10-7-1993.

1993    New York City Council President Andrew Stein Award for Cultural Pioneers, in recognition of “Outstanding Achievement in the Arts”, New York, NY, USA, 7-9-1993.

1992    Ping Tung Girls High School, “Outstanding Alumni Award in Art,” Ping Tung, Taiwan, 1992.

1977    Staten Island Museum Director’s Collection, “Purchase Award in Painting”, Staten Island, NY, USA, 1977.

1970    Staten Island Museum, Oscar Weissglass Award, “Excellence in Painting”, Staten Island, NY, USA, 4-26-1970.

1969    National Academy of Design, “Lorillard Wolfe Award, “Best in Watercolor”, New York, NY, USA, 12-4-1969.


Allentown Art Museum, PA, USA

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