Selected Articles & Reviews


2016    “Local contemporary art museum to host dance performance”, The Shreveport Times (online), 5-11-2016 (view PDF)

2016    Tiana Kennel, “Mother Knows Best”, The Shreveport Times, 5-5-2016 

2016    Tiana Kennel, “Philanthropy and fun unite: Community is giving for a good cause”, The Shreveport Times, 5-2-2016 (view PDF)

2016    “April 2016 Calendar - Rainforest Art Foundation Earth Day Celebration”, SB Magazine, 4-2016. (view PDF)

2016    “Calendar - Earth Day”, TRAVELHOST Northwest Louisiana, Spring 2016. (view PDF)

2016    Neil Johnson, “Drop in to the Marlene Yu Museum in Shreveport”, The Shreveport Times, 1-28-2016. (view PDF)

2016    Neil Johnson, “Johnson:Marlene Yu in Shreveport, year two”, The Shreveport Times, 1-27-2016.

2016     Tiana Kennell, “Fierce and Fearless – Fashion Statement”, The Shreveport Times, 1-21-2016.

2016    Liz Swaine, “5 Things to do in Downtown Shreveport”, The Shreveport Times, 1-21-2016. (view PDF)

2016    “Talk of the Town: Marlene Yu Museum One Year Anniversary Preview Gala”, The Forum, 1-20-2016. (view PDF)

2016    “Talk of the Town: Marlene Yu Museum One Year Anniversary”, The Forum, 1-20-2016. (view PDF)

2016    “Calendar - Recycled Sculptures by John Norwood”, The Shreveport Times, 1-20-2016. (view PDF)

2016    “Calendar - Water: Element of Life Preview Gala”, The Shreveport Times, 1-20-2016. (view PDF)

2016    “Calendar - Water: Element of Life Preview Gala”, The Shreveport Times, 1-19-2016. (view PDF)

2016    “Calendar - Recycled Sculptures by John Norwood”, The Shreveport Times, 1-19-2016. (view PDF)

2016     Liz Swaine, “A Special Birthday for Marlene Yu Museum”, The Shreveport Times, 1-18-2016.

2015    Tori Ladd, “Artist Profile: Norwood finds art in others’ trash, recycled junk”, The Shreveport Times, 12-24-2015

2015    “Artist Marlene Yu Debuts Fashion Line”, Local & State - The Shreveport Times, 12-19-2015

2015    “Talk of the Town: Cosmic Cowgirls Fashion Show”, The Forum, 12-9-20 (view PDF) 

2015    “Talk of the Town: Recycled Sculptures by John Norwood”, The Forum, 12-9-2015 (view PDF)

2015    “What’s on the Venue! - Arts/Museum: Recycled Sculptures by John Norwood”, MetroLeader, 12-8-2015. (view PDF)

2015    Uniqua Hardy, “Creative Outlet: Designer presents fashion with a story”, City Life, 12-2015. (view PDF)

2015    “December/January Agenda: Cosmic Cowgirls Fashion Show”, City Life, 12-2015. (view PDF)    

2015    “December/January Agenda: Recycled Sculptures by John Norwood”, City Life, 12-2015 (view PDF)

2015    “Talk of the Town: Cosmic Cowgirls Fashion Show”, The Forum, 11-25-2015 (view PDF)

2015    “Talk of the Town: C.C. Lockwood Book Signing”, The Forum, 11-25-2015 (view PDF) 

2015    “Talk of the Town: Recycled Sculptures by John Norwood”, The Forum, 11-11-2015 (view PDF)

2015    “Talk of the Town: Cosmic Cowgirls Fashion Show”, The Forum, 11-11-2015 (view PDF)

2015    “Talk of the Town: C.C. Lockwood Book Signing”, The Forum, 11-11-2015 (view PDF)

2015    “What’s on the Venue! - arts/museum: Recycled Sculptures by John Norwood”, MetroLeader, 11-3-2015. (view PDF)

2015    “November Agenda: For Date Nights - Recycled Sculptures by John Norwood”, City Life, 11-2015. (view PDF)

2015    “November 2015 Calendar - Recycled Sculptures by John Norwood”, SB Magazine, 11-2015. (view PDF)

2015    “Talk of the Town: Recycled Sculptures by John Norwood”, The Forum, 10-28-2015 (view PDF)

2015    “Talk of the Town: Truffle Party”, The Forum, 10-14-2015 (view PDF)

2015    “Talk of the Town: Recycled Sculptures by John Norwood”, The Forum, 10-14-2015 (view PDF)

2015    Susan Reeks, “Complement to the City: Shreveport welcomes first contemporary art museum: Marlene Yu Museum”, The Forum, 10-10-2015.

2015    Henrietta Wildsmith, “Art show strolls past nature’s hills and dales”, The Shreveport Times, 9-16-2015. (view PDF)

2015    Liz Swaine, “5 Things to do in Downtown Shreveport”, The Shreveport Times, 7-16-2015. (view PDF)

2015    “Talk of the Town: Biology & Art Exploration Program”, The Forum, 7-8-2015. (view PDF)

2015    “Talk of the Town: Marlene Yu’s The Crystal Reef Series”, The Forum, 7-8-2015. (view PDF)

2015    “Calendar of Events - Marlene Tseng Yu’s Crystal Reef Series at East Bank Gallery”, SB Fun Guide/Shreveport-Bossier Convention and Tourism Bureau, 7-2015. (view PDF)

2015    “Summer Camps - Biology & Art Exploration Program”, Red River Moms, 7-2015. (view PDF)

2015    “July/August Agenda - Fun with the Children: Biology & Art Exploration Program” , City Life, 7-2015. (view PDF)

2015    “July/August Agenda - Just for You: Marlene Yu’s The Crystal Reef Series”, City Life, 7-2015. (view PDF)

2015    “Talk of the Town: Biology & Art Exploration Program”, The Forum, 6-24-2015. (view PDF)

2015    “Talk of the Town: Marlene Yu’s The Crystal Reef Series”, The Forum, 6-24-2015. (view PDF)

2015    “Instagram’s Best (photo)”, The Shreveport Times, 6-18-2015. (view PDF) 

2015    “Rainforest Art Foundation to offer art, science education”, The Shreveport Times, 6-12-2015.

2015    Jada Durden, “5 Things to do in Shreveport this weekend: Opening Reception of Crystal Reef by Marlene Tseng Yu”, The Shreveport Times, 6-10-2015.

2015    “Artist Marlene Tseng Yu set for last of Lucky Sevens exhibition series”, MetroLeader, 6-10-2015.

2015    “Talk of the Town: Marlene Yu’s The Crystal Reef Series”, The Forum, 6-10-2015. (view PDF)

2015    “Talk of the Town: Biology & Art Exploration Program”, The Forum, 6-10-2015. (view PDF)

2015    “Marlene Yu exhibit final in Lucky Sevens”, The Shreveport Times, 5-19.2015.

2015    Liz Swaine, “5 Things to do downtown this week”, the Shreveport Times, 5-13-2015.

2015    Jose Alejandro Bastidas, “LSU Alum develops online company for selling, donating old electronics – Rainforest Art Foundation partners with PandaBit”, The Daily Reveille, 4-21-2015.

2015    Foster Campbell, “Talk of the Town: ‘Dream Series’ by Marlene Tseng Yu”, 4-13-2015.  

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2015    “Eye on SB: Rainforest Art Foundation”, SB Magazine, 2-2015. (view PDF)

2015    “World Renowned Abstract Artist Fulfills her Dream: Back to her Hometown for Exhibition”, Meinung Jakuan San Magazine, 1-11-2015.

2015    Maya Lau, “Community members contribute to art project”, The Shreveport Times, 1-11-2015. (view PDF)

2015    “Talk of the Town: Fire-Element of Life / Abstract Concrete Opening”, The Forum, 1-7-2015. (view PDF)

2015    “on the scene: Marlene Yu Museum”, The Forum, 1-7-2015. (view PDF)

2015    Maggie Martin, “Arty gathering”, 1-7-2015.

2015    Brandy Suter, “Marlene Yu Museum grand opening”, 1-5-2015.

2015    Mandy Hoskison, “January Things to Do”, Red River Moms, 1-5-2015.

2014    “Fire: Element of Life - Artspace” (advertisement), The Shreveport Times, 12-31-2014. (view PDF)

2014    Stephen Pederson, “Rainforest Art Foundation & Marlene Yu – Inaugural Exhibitions”, Heliopolis, 12-19-2014.

2014    Alexandria Burris, “Marlene Yu Museum, Grand Opening Sunday”, The Shreveport Times, 12-18-2014. (view PDF)

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2014    Susan Reeks, “Complement to the City, Marlene Yu Museum: Shreveport’s First Contemporary Art Museum”, 12-8-2014.

2014    “Marlene Tseng Yu Art Show – Purple Swamp & Nature Abstraction”, MetroLeader, 11-4-2014. (view PDF)

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